Placing Veterans

Many of our heroes and their spouses face unique challenges when it comes to employment. Identifying a reliable talent management company that focuses on veterans and their spouses is critical.

TrainOurTroops is a proud partner of TalentGro, a division of Hamilton-Ryker, a total workforce training solution that closes the skills gap by finding and developing needed talent for day-to-day success.

By working together,  TrainOurTroops and TalentGro can provide military families with seamless solutions to assess their skill sets, train and certify them on skill sets that are in demand by organizations, market them to potential employers, prepare them for successful interviews, place them within successful organizations that aligns with their career goals, and encourage them to participate in our military communities. We lift the entire veteran family.

With combined efforts, a wide range of training and employment opportunities across many industries are available to veteran families. Together, TrainOurTroops and TalentGro are preparing today’s heroes for tomorrow’s success.