We provide U.S. veterans, and their spouses, with advanced online training and certification business solutions to give them a competitive advantage in the civilian marketplace to ignite their careers in organizations.

Our Proud Supporters

TrainOurTroops is sponsored by various organizations both large and small. For many we do branded challenge coins that get passed from one veteran to another worldwide to promote our core sponsors and our training programs.

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We are a 501(c)3 veteran non-profit organization and we're 100% run and managed by volunteers.

Certified Training Programs

We train veterans, and their supportive spouses, on cutting edge content that is in demand by organizations. We train and certify the veteran family unit to mitigate skill set weaknesses and enhance skill set strengths, while ensuring they have employment options with desirable organizations that that promote their success.

Fundraising Your Events

When you leverage TrainOurTroops for your corporate or individual events, you'll not only be supporting our U.S. veterans and their spouses with our training and certifications, but you're also able to track the direct impacts of your event on those veteran families long after your successful event is completed.

Obtaining Higher Paying Jobs

We ask a lot of our veterans and their supportive spouses. They serve our country in some of the most dangerous environments and difficult situations faced by any American. Yet having endured those experiences, too many veterans returning to civilian jobs find themselves in work that barely pays enough to live on.

Our Patriotic Merchandise

All sales from our merchandise goes directly to creating more online courses for our veterans and their spouses - as well as allowing us to get our brand out there to patriots worldwide. Become a brand ambassador of ours!

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