What Veterans Are Saying

"Because of my background, I really wanted to take more of the strategic courses as part of my training roadmap. Courses that dealt with SWOT Analysis and specific strategic aspects is what I thought I could leverage most in my existing position at a professional services company. I thought it was great that I could get so many courses and actually become a Subject Matter Expert from a strategy perspective." (US Veteran Daniel, California, Strategy SME)

"I think I went a little too crazy with the online training roadmaps. I was able to provide course completion certificates for two of the different roadmap areas. Will be interesting to see how I fit it all onto my resume." (US Veteran Patricia, Minnesota, Strategy SME, Competitive Intelligence SME)

"I was very surprised at how detailed the courses were. I have seen some generic online training courses before. This wasn't that." (US Veteran Mark, Maine, Win Loss Intelligence SME)

"The online roadmaps allowed me to select which path I wanted to focus on. The great thing is I may very well become a Subject Matter Expert in another roadmap in a few months. Adding additional training to my resume can't be a bad thing." (US Veteran Shelly, Texas, Customer Experience SME)

"I have been taking random courses, but my wife has decided to focus on the Customer Experience track. I think it's great that they're willing to also offer their training to a vet's spouse." (US Veteran Thomas, Virginia, Generalist)

"If anyone has any questions about the value of these courses, just have them call me." (US Veteran Tim, Oklahoma, Product Intelligence SME, Competitive Intelligence SME)

"At first I was a little apprehensive about the courses and how I could apply them to my current role as a manager at a start-up tech company. I wasn't sure where to really start so I simply started taking various strategy courses. I talked to my boss and she thought it would be a good idea to pursue the Strategic SME roadmap. I am now using the SWOT analysis and templates from several strategy courses on probably a monthly basis. I'm also taking a couple courses each week in other areas that my firm is looking at doing." (US Veteran Anthony, Missouri, Strategy SME)

"These courses were perfect. I took some courses during my lunch breaks at work with a PC and I also took a couple with my phone while travelling. I liked that I could essentially take the courses anywhere at any time." (US Veteran Michelle, New York, Generalist)

"I really liked that new courses are added every month or so. It allows them to continually add to existing SME roadmaps or create brand new ones." (US Veteran Ben, Florida, Win Loss Intelligence SME)

"I really enjoyed the training. I liked how I was able to add their experience summary paragraph to my resume and use their job engines to search for different positions. It's interesting to see all the different firms I could apply to." (US Veteran Carlos, Texas, Competitive Intelligence SME, Win Loss Intelligence SME)

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