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"We were really impressed with how we stayed updated with their coin challenge. It's interesting seeing where all of our coins turned up from a location perspective. We also had no idea just how many exchanges a single coin could have with so many veterans. It's interesting to get updates on things like that and allows us to see that our gift keeps on giving." (Retail Company)

"I am excited to know my organization is helping veterans in our organization get trained in areas that will actually help us be positioned for key roles in the organization. After looking through the courses offered I actually had my business unit personnel voice interest in wanting the courses and templates as well." (Computer Manufacturing Company)

"TrainOurTroops did a really good job personalizing my scholarship and actually identifying which veterans I was impacting with their coin challenge. It really personalized the whole process. I wasn't necessarily expecting that." (Individual Supporter)

"My organization has always been involved with veteran charities. TrainOurTroops is another one of the outstanding groups that we support. Although they are a relatively new organization, what they are offering to our veterans is truly unique, and for that I anticipate a unique partnership with them for a long time to come." (Pharmaceutical Company)

"I can't really say enough about my experience with TrainOurTroops. I think they have a very unique online business model, which allows them to tailor programs to various veterans. In my case I wanted them to specifically focus my scholarship on women veterans in my state. They did just that and provided me quarterly updates on just those registered women veterans from my home state." (Individual Supporter)

"TrainOurTroops was able to marry their product and technology to impact veterans no matter what geographical location they were in. This put them over the top with our organization and we're proud to support their efforts. We also look forward to how our donations impact various veterans in their personalized report updates, especially with the coin challenges. TrainOurTroops has taken non-profit tracking to a whole new level for us. It is as if we are very personally involved with their organization and what they are doing to impact veterans. My organization very much appreciates that level of communication regarding our scholarships. Nobody has to guess if our scholarship support is having an impact or not." (Executive Placement Company)

"I am very excited to see how my scholarship support can impact the life of a deserving veteran who is struggling to get back into the workplace. TrainOurTroops, by providing online training for veterans will be able to impact the lives of so many veterans who otherwise would not have access to training to help them begin to rebuild their lives. I can't wait to get my challenge coin and monitor the progress of the veteran I present my coin to." (Individual Supporter)

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