Supporter Frequently Asked Questions

This section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by supporters. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

  1. When was TrainOurTroops founded?

    TrainOurTroops was founded in late 2016. TrainOurTroops was being modeled and designed starting in late 2014 in preparation for the various course roadmaps and platforms that would be needed by veterans in order to be successful. TrainOurTroops also launched a very successful pilot training program mid 2015 in order to ensure seamless processes were designed in order to track individual veterans and their progress with scholarships. So, although approved by the IRS in late 2016, a lot of work from a lot of people made this happen prior to the official 501(c)(3) date.

  2. Why was it founded?

    Long story short, Mr. Brynteson, CEO of for-profit organizations for 20+ years, was approached at a conference by a Green Beret named Ron Sable. Mr. Sable approached the trade show booth of Mr. Brynteson and asked a simple question: "How does someone like me, who has been diagnosed with PTSD and constantly gets turned away from job opportunities, break into those unique positions within organizations dealing with customer experiences and intelligence?"

    Mr. Brynteson, who has been surrounded by military personnel his whole life, and whose father served 40 years in the military, carrying the Army Ranger patch for 27 of those years, realized that there was a way to help people like Mr. Sable in a massive way. The idea for TrainOurTroops was born that evening at the conference once Mr. Brynteson reflected on his detailed heart-felt discussion with Mr. Sable.

    The vision would be based on leveraging a cloud-based training platform to allow U.S. veterans anywhere in the world access to professionally produced courses and provide them a competitive advantage in the civilian workforce. Read Full Story

  3. Is TrainOurTroops a legitimate charity?

    TrainOurTroops was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service functioning as a charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the organization are deductible as charitable contributions. The TrainOurTroops Federal I.D. number for donations is #81-2381924.

  4. What if I want to make a significant scholarship contribution?

    If you want to make a significant scholarship contribution through a foundation, non-profit, corporation, or individually, please email A discussion will be set up regarding the different options we have for major supporters and the different options for support levels, acknowledgement, involvement, and veteran tracking.

  5. What percent of my support goes to the veterans?

    TrainOurTroops continuously strives to keep administrative and fundraising costs as low as possible. Our online business model and platform is able to serve any U.S. veteran any place in the world with an internet connection via personal computer, phone, or iPad. This allows for little overhead and an exceptionally high percentage that goes directly to benefitting our U.S. veterans and their spouse. Our 2016 annual report will be based on 97% of support amounts going directly to our veteran members.

  6. What is a TrainOurTroops challenge coin?

    On donations that are $250 or more, TrainOurTroops supplies the donor with a one-of-a-kind challenge coin. The coins are each stamped with a unique four character number. The donor then has the ability to give that coin to any veteran they think will value from our trainings and certifications. Each time the coin is handed off, the recipient veteran enters the coin code into a field, and the original person receives quarterly updates on all the different veterans that their coin has impacted and where it has been registered worldwide. Take Me There

  7. Who does TrainOurTroops serve?

    TrainOurTroops mission is to honor and empower U.S. veterans, and their spouses, by training and testing them on the latest business solutions that are in demand from organizations, both large and small. By becoming Subject Matter Experts in solutions that are in demand, TrainOurTroops can prepare veterans for obtaining a higher quality of life by providing them training to obtain higher quality positions in the civilian workplace. Read More

  8. Other than training, what else do you provide?

    In addition to cultural assessments, training, testing, and certification, TrainOurTroops is partnered with other veteran focused organizations to fulfill the entire placement process for organizations.

  9. Can I receive communications without supporting a scholarship?

    Yes. Anyone can sign up for our newsletter and receive updates on various events happening at TrainOurTroops. People can also follow our Twitter feed, Facebook page, or happenings on our company LinkedIn page. We'll also be featuring various organizations that have gone beyond the call of duty with sponsoring TrainOurTroops and involving us in their various awareness programs. Connect With Us

  10. Is TrainOurTroops non-partisan?

    TrainOurTroops is a non-partisan organization and we don't favor any political party. We believe that regardless of your politics or beliefs, the men and women in our nation's military have made tremendous personal sacrifices on our behalf, and deserve our respect and any assistance we can provide.

  11. If I were to become a supporter, how is my money used?

    The most important aspect is that additional courses would be scripted, animated, produced, and available to all U.S. veterans. Additional courses allow TrainOurTroops to continually build out additional Subject Matter Expert (SME) discipline roadmaps and additional specialized skill sets that are in demand by organizations.

  12. Can my scholarship support be in memory of a fallen veteran?

    Yes. TrainOurTroops allows a supporter to dedicate their scholarship in the memory of a fallen veteran. The supporter would fill out the additional information section on the scholarship support page and specify the fallen U.S. veteran they want associated with their support.

  13. Can my scholarship support go to a specific veteran I know?

    Yes. You can specify a specific veteran when supporting a scholarship. That veteran will then be informed of your sponsorship and we will assist them with registering at TrainOurTroops (the support amount to the veteran is not disclosed). Take Me There

  14. Will the family of the fallen veteran receive a letter notifying them of my scholarship?

    Yes. TrainOurTroops will notify the family or individual of your scholarship based on the information provided on the support page. A sincere letter, personally signed, will accompany a support recognition certificate to the family of the fallen veteran.

  15. If I wanted to mail my scholarship support, where would I send it?

    On the very bottom of the support page there is a support form that you can download and mail to TrainOurTroops. Take Me There

  16. When will I receive a receipt for my support?

    The donor should receive a receipt within 14 days after their scholarship support is made.

  17. When will I receive a tax letter summarizing my support for the year?

    Tax receipts are sent at the end of every January for tax preparation. For example, a 2017 tax receipt will be sent to the donor at the end of January 2018.

  18. Can I setup monthly recurring scholarship support?

    Yes. On the support page you can specify a monthly amount and then check the box for reoccurring. While we appreciate your monthly support, we understand that circumstances may change. You are under no obligation and can adjust the amount or cancel your scholarship support at any time.

  19. Will my information be shared with other organizations?

    No. TrainOurTroops is committed to protecting supporter privacy. TrainOurTroops does not sell, trade, or provide our donor contact information to any other organization. TrainOurTroops does not use supporter information for direct mail or telephone solicitation. Full Privacy Policy

  20. Is my personal information secure?

    Yes. The security and confidentiality of supporter information is our highest concern. We use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information and provide a safe and secure environment for our supporters. Full Privacy Policy

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