Veteran Frequently Asked Questions

This section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by veterans. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

  1. At what point during my civilian transition would I leverage your organization?

    You can engage in our ATP (Assess, Train, Prepare) Plan at any point in your military career or civilian role. Since every online course can be retaken, there is no reason why you couldn't become a SME while enlisted, and then retake those courses again, and others, once you transition to a civilian role. It is up to each veteran to make that decision. You could also apply, get accepted, and while enlisted have your spouse take courses. TrainOurTroops allows the spouse of a veteran to perform training as well. If you are a veteran already with a civilian job you could take advantage on our ATP Plan steps at any time.

  2. How do I use my TrainOurTroops challenge coin?

    If you received a TrainOurTroops challenge coin, congratulations! We provide one-of-a-kind challenge coins to various veterans, groups, and supporters. These coins have a unique number engraved on each and that number is keyed into the Challenge Coin Registration page on this site. Once that code is submitted to our tracking system it is then your duty to give that coin to another veteran. You'll be updated on a quarterly basis on where your specific coin has been registered and passed from veteran to veteran worldwide. Each coin can only be used once per veteran, so once you have registered it, it is up to you to pass it to another veteran to continue paying it forward and impacting the life of another veteran. Register A Coin

  3. How long does it take to complete the training?

    It all depends which Subject Matter Expert (SME) roadmap you select. For example, the Win Loss Intelligence SME has 11 courses in it that total 7.3 hours of video time. It also depends if you want to take other online courses outside of a designated SME area. Many veterans, for various reasons, take a handful of courses that they want and that aren't part of any SME roadmap. They simply want to enhance their experience and resume in specific areas with specific courses. All of the courses for each SME roadmap are listed with their associated video length. All courses are designed to be under 1 hour in duration for easier consumption. If any are over an hour another course is typically created and specifies how many are in the series (ie "Part 1 of 2", etc). SME Roadmaps & Course Listing

  4. Can I take a course multiple times?

    Yes, you can take each course as many times as you wish.

  5. Can my spouse take advantage of this online training also?

    Yes, in the application process you can specify whether or not you want your spouse to participate. If your application is accepted, your spouse is also setup and gets the same access to courses, roadmaps, awards, and templates. If you want to add a spouse after you've already been accepted - click here: Spousal Training

  6. Is everything for training online?

    We do offer in-person training throughout the year, but due to ease and location restrictions, a majority of veterans taking our training simply take the online courses. In order to service all veterans, where hundreds may be online and training at any given time, we created an all-online process to streamline activities.

  7. What types of courses do you offer?

    The online courses focus on many different topics that organizations face on a daily basis, from strategy techniques to launching brand new products. We currently have several different roadmaps, in addition to many courses that fall outside these disciplines: Customer Experience (CX), Competitive Intelligence (CI), Customer Service (CS) solutions, Strategic Thinking and Modeling (SX) solutions, Product Design and Launch Intelligence (PX) solutions, Win/Loss Analysis (WL) solutions, and Emotional Intelligence and Thought Leadership (EX) solutions. These skill sets are highly sought after by organizations. We are always adding additional courses on the latest techniques or technologies that we're seeing organizations leverage in the marketplace. SME Roadmaps & Course Listing

  8. I have Course Completion Certificates, now what?

    Once you have a Course Completion Certificate for each of the courses in a desired Subject Matter Expert roadmap, simply submit all of those certificates to and they'll be verified for a SME Award. If a veteran only wishes to take a handful of specific courses, and obtains a Course Completion Certificate for each, then they should update their resumes accordingly with particulars from those specific courses and list the certificates they've obtained.

  9. What does it mean to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

    TrainOurTroops offers individual courses and bundles of courses based on specific disciplines called roadmaps. The bundles of courses represent roadmaps that guide the veteran through specific courses related to a specific discipline, that when all are taken, comprise being a Subject Matter Expert (SME). For each course that you complete you can take a multiple-choice online pass/fail test. If you successfully pass the test you get a Course Completion Certificate for that specific course. Once you have accumulated a completion certificate for each course in a SME roadmap, you email them into TrainOurTroops and receive your award in that discipline. Read More

  10. What happens once I get my Subject Matter Expert (SME) award?

    Once you obtain any Subject Matter Expert (SME) award you will have access to text and templates for updating your resume and using various talent management links. Your resume will effectively communicate the SME courses that you completed in the roadmap. As a registered member of TrainOurTroops you will have continuous access to all future training courses that are completed as well.

  11. Can I become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in multiple areas?

    Yes. Currently TrainOurTroops offers several different Subject Matter Expert (SME) disciplines. Our intent is to continue adding additional SME roadmaps based on what we see organizations demanding. Each month or so our experts create additional courses that get added to the training portal. Read More

  12. Are there different levels or prerequisite courses?

    We used to have each course designated as beginner, intermediate, or advanced, but that obviously depends on each specific person and their prior experience. What is advanced for one person may not be for another. A veteran can take any course that they are interested in, but some of the courses do build on each other, so it is best to take each roadmap course in the order listed.

  13. What device do I have to use in order to view a course?

    TrainOurTroops leverages a training platform that allows course viewing from any device. A veteran can view courses on their personal computer, any type of phone, or iPad. The training platform is able to determine which device you are using, at what speed you are connected, and instantly determine which course format and speed to stream to your device while it simultaneously is loading the highest resolution format to send to your machine.

  14. Are the online courses self-paced?

    Yes, you can start or stop an online course at any time you wish. Just make sure to mark down where you stopped in the course so you can pick it up from that point later on. The system has no way of tracking where you left off for a specific course, so make sure to write it down so you can skip to that time when ready to resume training.

  15. What if I forget my password on the training website?

    Easy, on the registration page ( you can simply click 'forgot password' and have a temporary password sent to you. Then once you login, you'll default to your profile page, and on the bottom click on "edit account information" and you can change your password again to something you'll remember.

  16. What if I move or can only take courses on weekends?

    No problem. All training is available 24x7x365 from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a device to get on the internet you can login and take courses and tests. Your personalized login can be used from any device.

  17. Do your courses count towards college degrees or college credit?

    No, the courses offered through TrainOurTroops are not accredited or aligned with any VA or University affiliation at this time. This is not an online college degree - although few colleges teach what our online courses cover in regards to what organizations are demanding. TrainOurTroops is a training tool for US veterans, and their spouses, to use in order to enhance their resumes and stand out in the crowded marketplace. TrainOurTroops was not created to be a replacement for a college education. TrainOurTroops is partnered with several organizations that actually provide accreditation and certification based on courses at TrainOurTroops. Please contact us at and we'll discuss what firms offer various certification programs based on our courses. TrainOurTroops offers organizations and universities the ability to leverage our courses to augment their continuous education programs.

  18. Do I have to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

    No. A veteran, or their spouse, can simply take one or several online courses that aren't part of any SME roadmap. It all depends on the circumstances of the individual. Some might take one course and others might attain SME Awards in all roadmaps.

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