Spousal Training

A military spouse exudes incredible patience and support; therefore they are critically important to our mission and objectives. Because of that we want them to also be able to leverage all of our training solutions to advance their careers.

During the application process a veteran can specify whether or not they want their spouse to be included in everything we offer. If the application is accepted by TrainOurTroops, and the veteran specified they wished to include their spouse, the spouse is also setup and granted access to the same training courses, certifications, awards, and templates.

TrainOurTroops wants to help the entire family of a veteran - it's the least we can do.

If you are a veteran that already had their TrainOurTroops application approved, yet did not submit the application with the spouse fields populated, and would now like to add your spouse, please populate the fields below. Your email address will be used to verify that you're an approved veteran in our system.


If you have not submitted your application yet, simply apply and populate the spouse section in your application. Application Form

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