Purchase A Challenge Coin

Would you like to purchase custom challenge coins from a specific business that supports our veterans and TrainOurTroops?

Giving to veterans is something that should happen year round, not just during one of the great events we jointly do nationally with various organizations that support our deserving veterans and their spouses. Each year we celebrate with these organizations and put together an event, but what about the other 364 days in the year? What if you couldn't make it to one of those previous charity events?

You can obtain custom coins from any of these businesses and be part of spreading those coins and their support of our veterans worldwide. Best of all you will have the coin(s) shipped to you and you'll begin receiving quarterly reports on where your coin(s) travel, along with their associated stories that were logged as the coin is passed from veteran to veteran globally. Get a gift that keeps on giving.

If you would prefer to just buy TrainOurTroop coins that are not associated with any particular business, click on the image below. Each of our coins are uniquely stamped as well and you'll receive the same quarterly tracking report functionality that is provided with business sponsored coins.

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